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14. All the Challenges in Hemp Agribusiness, IDG Interview with Justin Fischer, CEO of RiskScout

E14 S1 | Oct 31, 2020 | Duration: 00:47:58

14. All the Challenges in Hemp Agribusiness, IDG Interview with Justin Fischer, CEO of RiskScout
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Hosted by: David L. Peterson

Hemp is more popular every day among farmers. The problem begins when they need banking products, and bankers need to help their customers with high-risk agribusiness. People who are getting into the hemp business have difficulties like all business owners do, plus higher risk because of legislation. In order to make this easier for banks and their clients, my guest got some real innovation. Today I'm speaking with is Justin Fischer a CEO of RiskScout, a company that focuses on helping financial institutions to bank higher risk businesses (Hemp, CBD, MJ, MSB)

πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ Farmers are experiencing all challenges related to a business, plus they have soil and weather issues. 1:11
πŸ’» Justin Fisher is a FinTech guy, with experience in farming 2:47
πŸ€“ How is hemp different from marijuana? 6:46
😳 Because of legislation issues, you can plant hemp legally, but it can grow to be illegal. 10:00
πŸ“ˆ About the legal framework of farming hemp and growth of interest for hemp in many agricultural states. 15:54
πŸ‘‚ Cannabinoids: CBD is challenged, as the FDA hasn't set clear regulations around it. 18:34
πŸͺ΄ 'Training the plant' is something that all businesses need to achieve their goal. 23:37
πŸ’° Looking at the side of the financial services and issues farmers have to get financial products (bank accounts, loans, insurance) 26:26
🌞 How RiskScout helps banks in high-risk businesses and also farmers who want to grow hemp? 34:45
πŸ€‘ The first person who develops an iPad for measuring THC levels in hemp will be a billionaire. 38:04
🏦 Community banks will have to rethink what their purpose is and innovate too. 41:09
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